5 misconceptions about millennials

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5 misconceptions about millennials

5 misconceptions about millennials
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5 misconceptions about millennials

by Daily Shot 4:25 mins

5 misconceptions about millennials

by Daily Shot 4:25 mins

Have you complained about millennials lately? Twenty-to-35-year-olds have been called "the laziest generation." Alicia Menendez, a millennial and host of "Alicia Menendez Tonight" on Fusion, stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about the top five misconceptions about her generation. 1. Millennials are lazy. "We all got out of college and there weren't jobs," Alicia says about the poor state of the market, specifically for entry-level positions. "The fact that we're unemployed and underemployed is not our fault." 2. They're needy. "We grew up with these parents that were sort of helicopter parents," she says about overly involved families who provide too much validation to their kids. "My mother thought I was the prettiest, smartest, greatest always, and she would tell me constantly. When she wasn't around to do that, I needed to get it from other people." 3. Millennials are slutty. While the media may make it seem like people in their 20s are obsessed with casual hookups, Alicia says, "The truth of the matter is, the majority of college students are virgins. Only 1 in 4 is really participating in hookup culture." 4. They're all liberals. "We do tend to be a rather progressive group, but we're not all liberals," Alicia says. People in their 20s and 30s grew up in more diverse environments — religiously, ethnically, racially, and sexually. "It's a generation that's going to approach politics differently because those social issues are going to be what divides us." 5. Millennials just won't grow up. "We're not buying homes, because we saw how burnt out everyone got from the housing crash," Alicia says. "We're much more transient then we've ever been. We go where the jobs are, so why are you going to lock yourselves into a financial commitment?"

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