It's Been 'a Wild Ride' For Amy Adams

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It's Been 'a Wild Ride' For Amy Adams

It's Been 'a Wild Ride' For Amy Adams
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It's Been 'a Wild Ride' For Amy Adams

by Wochit 0:49 mins

It's Been 'a Wild Ride' For Amy Adams

by Wochit 0:49 mins

It hasn't even been a year since Amy Adams wrapped American Hustle , for which she just earned a best actress Oscar nomination. It's been a wild ride," she says. Adams just scored a Golden Globe for playing sexy, kittenish, shrewd and double-accented con artist in David O. Russell's comedy, which also nabbed Oscar nominations for Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper in the acting categories. It was a really ambitious film to accomplish. We started the film ten months ago. It's not even been a year. So to now be at this point, not even a year later, it kind of fits with the pace of the film. It was so fast."



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