$3,900 Coat Made Out of Chest Hair

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$3,900 Coat Made Out of Chest Hair

$3,900 Coat Made Out of Chest Hair
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$3,900 Coat Made Out of Chest Hair

by Broken News Daily 1:58 mins

$3,900 Coat Made Out of Chest Hair

by Broken News Daily 1:58 mins

An English company has commissioned a $3,900 fur coat made from a million strands of male chest hair. A team of designers made the coat out of 100% male chest hair, and it took the team over 200 hours to weave together. The limited edition coat was commissioned by Arla, a dairy company, to help promote their new drink, Wing-Co, a chocolate milk for men. Yeah, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to us either...but check it out!

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