$150 TV Stand is Actually $9.5M Japanese Relic

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$150 TV Stand is Actually $9.5M Japanese Relic

$150 TV Stand is Actually $9.5M Japanese Relic
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$150 TV Stand is Actually $9.5M Japanese Relic

by Broken News Daily 2:23 mins

$150 TV Stand is Actually $9.5M Japanese Relic

by Broken News Daily 2:23 mins

A lost ancient Japanese treasure has been found, and it turns out a woman was using it as a TV stand...and a bar! Museums and experts have been searching for the chest since 1941, and all they had to do was look under someone's television. An unnamed woman claims that her father bought the chest from a Polish doctor in 1970 for $150 and it's been in her living room ever since. The chest was bought at auction this week for $9.5 million dollars by Amsterdam's national museum, the Rijksmuseum. Nice investment!

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