Police solve mystery of generous boy

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Police solve mystery of generous boy

Police solve mystery of generous boy
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Police solve mystery of generous boy

by WISN - Milwaukee Videos 1:13 mins

Police solve mystery of generous boy

by WISN - Milwaukee Videos 1:13 mins

Last week a little boy walked into a Greenfield, Wisconsin police station and did something unusual: He gave $10.03 to the front desk officer - and walked away. Intrigued, the station used its surveillance footage to track the small good samaritan down. A few days later, the mystery was solved. Maxx Siepert, 11, said he was learning about 9/11 in school and was moved by the heroism of police and fire department responders. Of his donation he said, "one day it will make a difference… not a really big difference, but it's something. If every person would do that it'd be such a great world. It would be awesome!" It was a first for the department, said Assistant Chief Paul Schlecht. The kind act lifted morale, Schlecht says. The money will go to the police foundation.

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