15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4

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15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4

15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4
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15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4

by Wochit 3:21 mins

15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4

by Wochit 3:21 mins

15 Reasons Why Xbox One Destroys PlayStation 4 Now that the Next-gen consoles are the New-gen, it is time to choose sides. There are plenty of convincing arguments for why serious gamers should spend their hard earned cash on an Xbox One instead of a PS4. Longer Continuous Gameplay The Xbox One is more substantial than the PS4. But that is not a bad thing, especially when you consider air circulation. Screen Multitasking The Xbox One has a 'Snap' feature that allows for split screen capabilities. Suspend Gameplay for Quick Start-ups You can put your game on pause thanks to the Xbox One 'suspend' mode. Quick and Convenient Data Sharing Unlike with the PS4, the Xbox One does support DLNA, meaning that you will be able to stream and share media. Cable Box Compatibility You can hook your cable box up to your new Xbox One to watch TV programs via the console. Camouflage Design The fact that the Xbox One is not as 'sleek' or 'stylish' means that it can seamlessly fit into your existing entertainment setup. More Apps Both consoles have their fair share of apps, but the Xbox One offers a more diverse selection. Better Customization Features PS4 owners can choose from a handful of different background themes and colors. Automatic Cloud Backups The PlayStation Plus subscription service comes with 3GB of cloud storage, which is impressive. But the Xbox One automatically saves your data to the cloud. When the two consoles were introduced to an eager gaming public, the Xbox One came with a higher price tag. However, the Xbox One now has a lower price point than the PS4. The Kinect The Xbox One Kinect accessory acts as a motion sensor and voice recognition device. Exclusive EA Access For fans of EA games, owning an Xbox One gives you access to their free older games and a sneak peek at new releases. This privilege is part of a paid service, but may be well worth it if you just cannot wait for a highly anticipated title to reach store shelves. Media Streaming The PS4 is not able to stream media natively. However, the Xbox One is equipped with its own media player and apps that allow you to play music, movies, or enjoy slideshows of your favorite pics via your home network or USB drive. Games with Gold Microsoft offers free games via their 'Games with Gold' service, which is a special perk of having an Xbox Live Gold membership. Usually two free titles are available each month, ranging from newer releases to old favorites. Exclusive Titles The Xbox One features a wide range of exclusive titles. Sunset Overdrive, Forza Motorsport 5, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Project Spark, and Dead Rising 3 are all games you will only find on the Xbox One console.

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