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Stage F(r)ight -1

by TIMES NOW 8:31 mins

Stage F(r)ight -1

by TIMES NOW 8:31 mins

Political greenhorn Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was on course to form the new government in Delhi with Congress support as its leader Arvind Kejriwal promised to deliver on the assurances in its "strong" manifesto in the clearest indication yet of assuming power. Noting that the AAP's week-long public referendum on whether it should form a government with the support of Congress was overwhelmingly positive, Kejriwal said he will meet Lt Governor Najeeb Jung tomorrow after the meeting of the party's Polital Affairs Committee(PAC). Kejriwal, whose one-year-old party had its roots in the anti-corruption movement, said a final decision on government formation will be announced tomorrow after analysing the results of the week-long referendum through SMS, IVRS and email and from the public meetings conducted over the weekend."Though we have got the overwhelming participation of poeple during the public meetings and about 80 per cent of them have favoured that party should form the government but the final decision would be taken after a meeting of Political Affairs Committee," Kejriwal told PTI. After this, he said, he would be meeting Jung tomorrow at 12.30 PM. Asked whether he would be able to live up to the promises in the manifesto, Kejriwal said the party would fulfil the "strong manifesto", which was prepared in consultation with experts. The AAP leader said that some of the things which are in the manifesto can be implemented "within hours" of forming the government and it would be done. An order for audit of accounts of power distribution companies and issues relating to water is stated to be high on its agenda.A civil servant-turned-politician Kejriwal held four public meetings in his New Delhi Assembly constituency, and at all the places majority of people gave their go-ahead to form the government. He said out of 280 public meetings held till tonight, people at a majority of places said "yes" to formation of government with the support from Congress. The deadlock over government formation in Delhi continued for nearly two weeks after the announcement of the results on December 8. AAP has 28 seats while Congress with 8 in a House of 70 has agreed to give outside support. BJP is the single largest party with 31 seats in its kitty. Kejriwal accepted it was a unstructured way of conducting the referendum but it gave the party a rough idea about the people's view on the issue.

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