Renzi Forms New Italian Government

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Renzi Forms New Italian Government

Renzi Forms New Italian Government
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Renzi Forms New Italian Government

by Wochit 1:02 mins

Renzi Forms New Italian Government

by Wochit 1:02 mins

Italian Democratic Party leader Matteo Renzi has formed Italy's new government, saying the broad coalition aims to give the economically-strapped country "hope." Renzi, who had been serving as Florence mayor, will be Italy's youngest premier when he and his Cabinet are sworn in on Saturday. Renzi said Friday he's aiming to give a "strong message" to the international community that his government will enact electoral and economic reforms quickly. Achieving the post through a Democratic Party power grab, Renzi will be the third straight premier to come into the office without being elected. The last premier who stood for election was Silvio Berlusconi in 2008.


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