NHR Versus: #SackedForLoot - 2

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NHR Versus: #SackedForLoot - 2

NHR Versus: #SackedForLoot - 2
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NHR Versus: #SackedForLoot - 2

by TIMES NOW 17:23 mins

NHR Versus: #SackedForLoot - 2

by TIMES NOW 17:23 mins

250 hours ago TIMES NOW first broke the story of the open loot of the Raj Bhawan -- we exposed how Kamala Beniwal during her tenure misued the resources availble to her, makig countless trips to her hometown and elsewhere. Now, following the sensational expose of the open loot -- the Governor has been sacked. Condemning the sacking of Mizoram Governor Kamla Beniwal, Rajasthan Congress said her removal is "unconstitutional" and has been done due to "political vendetta". Beniwal was first appointed as Governor of Tripura in October, 2009 the first woman to be appointed as governor in the Northeast. However, a month later she was appointed as Gujarat Governor. Beniwal is the second Governor to be sacked after the removal of Puducherry Lt Governor Virendra Kataria. Soon after the Modi Government assumed office, some Governors were forcedto resign while a few a resisted and are still in office. Interestingly, another Congress leader Margaret Alva appointed by the UPA government was allowed to conclude her tenure in Jaipur. Amid opposition charge of political vendetta in the sacking of Mizoram Governor Kamla Beniwal, Government today said the decision was prompted by "serious allegations" against her and insisted there was no politics behind it. In a debate moderated by TIMES NOW's Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, panelists -- Manish Tewari, Sr. Leader, Congress & Former I&B Minister; Rajiv Pratap Rudy, General Secretary, BJP -- discuss whether the Government decision to sack Kamala Beniwal is vendetta politics.

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