Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?

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Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?

Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?
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Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?

by Warrior Poets Mansome 4:25 mins


Mansome 156: How Should A Men Smell?

by Warrior Poets Mansome 4:25 mins


If they're not gonna love you for your mind or body, hopefully they'll love you for your musk. Perfumer Sasha Bertrand teaches host Jordan Carlos how to get a seductive smell. There are four basic masculine scents: citrus, spicy, woodsy, and musk. The sexiest scent, says Bertrand is the spicy one. Spicy buys include YSL’s La Nuit de L’Homme ($60) and Burberry Brit ($60). Bertrand cautions the spicy scents aren’t great for the workday but “they’re fantastic for going out at night.” Citrus scents are light, clean, and wearable. Two citrus buys she recommends are L’Eau D’Issey ($65) and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue ($85). For the heavier woodsy scent try Chanel Allure Homme ($75) or Marc Jacobs ($60). Watch for more of Bertrand’s picks and the interesting inspiration for “musk” scents. The best option for you depends on the occasion, as well as simple personal preference. But whatever you do, make sure you splash it on, not bathe in it.


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