Lindsay Lohan -- Shopping Date

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Lindsay Lohan -- Shopping Date

Lindsay Lohan -- Shopping Date
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Lindsay Lohan -- Shopping Date

by Wochit 1:13 mins

Lindsay Lohan -- Shopping Date

by Wochit 1:13 mins

If Lindsay Lohan really did cut all her toxic friends out of her life, why was she spotted hanging out with a rehabbing hotel magnate who was busted for heroin in April? Lindsay and pal Vikram Chatwal were photographed out in NYC, reportedly shopping together Eliza Coupe, aka wasp-y wife Jane from the tragically canceled ABC series Happy Endings, has joined Will Arnett's new CBS sitcom The Millers. Google has been holding talks with the National Football League, raising speculation that the internet monolith is seeking new inroads into television. Zayn Malik has confirmed his engagement to Little Mix babe, Perrie Edwards, on a radio show today! While the interviewer was asking the boys about their movie premiere, she made sure to sneak in a "fan question" about his rumored engagement! When asked about the pending nuptials, Zayn simply said: "We're really happy. Yeah, it's cool." "We're really happy. Yeah, it's [...]

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