Iron rod breaking record

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Iron rod breaking record

Iron rod breaking record
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Iron rod breaking record

by Ani 2:03 mins


Iron rod breaking record

by Ani 2:03 mins


A martial artist, Sensei K.J. Joseph from Munnar town of in India's southern Kerala state attempted to set a record and proved his metal by breaking iron rods with bare hands. Breaking bricks, slate and ice slabs are common site at martial art performances, but Joseph's attempt to break iron rods left the audience flabbergasted. In his earlier attempts, Joseph has broken two-three rods. During the attempt, he took the challenge of breaking as many rods as possible in one minute with bare hand. Johansen, one of the judges from Norway, who himself holds a Guinness Record was amazed to see Joseph's power. The rods were thoroughly examined and weighed by professionals and experts and then sent to the officials abroad.

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