Gregory Porter aiming for Grammy recognition

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Gregory Porter aiming for Grammy recognition

Gregory Porter aiming for Grammy recognition
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Gregory Porter aiming for Grammy recognition

by AFP Videos 2:39 mins

Gregory Porter aiming for Grammy recognition

by AFP Videos 2:39 mins

SCRIPT: UPSOUND This is the song American artist Gregory Porter hopes will earn him a grammy. Back in 2010 his first album 'Water' was nominated for Best Jazz Vocal album. Now, two years on, he's in the spot light again - this time going head to head with the likes of Beyonce and Anita Baker having been nominated for Best Traditional R&B Performance with 'Be Good'. SOUNDBITE 1 Gregory Porter (man) Jazz singer (English, 25 secs): "I incorporate R&B, soul, blues, gospel into what I do with jazz and so it's an honor, it's an honor to be nominated in any category for the Grammy's. So it's vey exciting.The roots of my music are Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Donny Hathaway, Leon Thomas, Andy Bey, Joe Williams is the people that I think about when I sing a song." With just two albums to his name - he's already being compared to his idols. VOX POP 1 (French, woman, 8 secs): "There's a magic in the group, the music, his voice is just fabulous - I felt the soaring soul of Marvin Gaye all evening." VOX POP 2 (French, man, 5 secs): "It's the future of gospel, jazz, soul and blues - it's perfect!" UPSOUND Porter began singing as a child in his mother's church. He found his voice after several years on the jazz circuit - and then took Broadway by storm before striking out as a solo artist In this song from his second album, he tries to convince the father of the woman he loves to give him her hand in marriage. SOUNDBITE 2 Gregory Porter (man) Jazz singer (English, 15 secs): "This is my own story, I wrote the song based really on a argument from my then girlfriend father. He called me and… "What are your intentions with my daughter?(Laugh). Journalist: But are you married now? Gregory Porter: Yes I married her (Laugh)." Having convinced his fiance's father of his good credentials, Gregory Porter must now convince the judges of his musical talents at the 55th Grammy Awards. SHOTLIST: VESINES, FRANCE, 26 JAN, 2013 (SOURCE: AFPTV) - VAR Porter performing SOUNDBITE 1 - VAR Porter performing VOX POPS - VAR Porter performing SOUNDBITE 2 - VAR Porter performing

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