Garces wins with a buzzer-beater

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Garces wins with a buzzer-beater

Garces wins with a buzzer-beater
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Garces wins with a buzzer-beater

by KERO - Bakersfield 1:12 mins

Garces wins with a buzzer-beater

by KERO - Bakersfield 1:12 mins

Garces guard Tim Pena's putback of an airball at the buzzer provided the winning points as the Rams defeated El Segungo, 56-54, Thursday night in a Garces Holiday Hoops Challenge quarterfinal. With the clock winding down, Garces Rashaad Jackson's jumper missed everything but Pena took the ball in one motion, banked it off the glass as the final buzzer sounded and pushed Garces to a Friday night semifinal matchup with Tulare Mission-Oak.

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