Garbage clogs streets of Madrid as sweepers strike

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Garbage clogs streets of Madrid as sweepers strike

Garbage clogs streets of Madrid as sweepers strike
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Garbage clogs streets of Madrid as sweepers strike

by AFP Videos 0:55 mins

Garbage clogs streets of Madrid as sweepers strike

by AFP Videos 0:55 mins

SHOTLIST: MADRID, SPAIN, NOVEMBER 7, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV SOUNBITE 1 - Rosa Aguilar (woman), vox-pop (Spanish, 8 sec): "This is disgraceful. This is Madrid, ladies and gentlemen, for anyone who didn't know! Madrid, full of crap." SOUNDBITE 2 - Maria (woman), vox-pop (Spanish, 8 sec): "It really annoys me. Look at this disgusting mess. This is shameful for Madrid. It gives us a bad image." SOUNDBITE 3 - Jose Antonio Zaragoza (man), vox-pop (Spanish, 19 sec): "I think we should support those who are on strike and not maintain a minimum service. I would go further and make it a complete strike, so that people realise that the so-called leaders are manipulating the people." - VAR rubbish in central Madrid /// ------------------------------------------------------ AFP TEXT STORY: Spain-environment-strike,lead Garbage clogs Madrid streets as street sweepers strike =(PICTURE+VIDEO)= ATTENTION - ADDS details /// MADRID, Nov 7, 2013 (AFP) - Rubbish piled up in the gutters of Madrid on Thursday as a strike by street-sweepers facing sackings and salary cuts began to leave its mark on the major tourist destination. Public bins overflowed with drinks cans and cigarette ends and central squares such as the Puerta del Sol were strewn with waste paper as the open-ended strike entered its third day. "This is shameful. This is Madrid, and it's full of rubbish!" said one local woman, Rosa Aguilar, 46, pointing at the mess on Plaza Jacinto Benavente. "This is no way to protest. It will get us nowhere," she said. That square is home to a local curiosity: a metal statue of a street sweeper. A popular photo opportunity for passing tourists, on Thursday he had accumulated waste paper under his broom. The strike does not involve the workers who collect bags of household rubbish, so the mess in Madrid had not yet reached the level seen during bin men's strikes in cities such as Jerez and Granada this year and last. The Madrid street-cleaners launched an open-ended strike on Tuesday against layoffs and pay cuts prompted by the economic crisis. The companies that provide cleaners for the city's streets and public gardens have announced 1,100 job cuts -- about a fifth of their total staff -- while some workers will have their salaries cut by 40 percent, the unions said. Another local crossing the Plaza Jacinto Benavente, Jose Antonio Zaragoza, 51, said he tolerated the mess because he sympathised with the cleaners. "I think we have to support the people who are on strike," he said. "This is a consequence of the policies of politicians who really care nothing for the citizens." The strike "will continue as long as necessary until they stop this madness," said a spokesman for the UGT labour union, Juan Carlos del Rio, on Tuesday. The companies had already laid off 350 workers in August. They said cuts were necessary since the city hall, under pressure to reduce costs like public authorities around Spain, was spending less on cleaning. The chairman of an association grouping the five municipal cleaning companies, Francisco Jargon, said Tuesday there was "no solution in sight" to the dispute since the unions refused to negotiate on the terms of the cuts. "Madrid is going to get filthy," he said. ib/rlp/djw/fb

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