Why 'What Not to Wear' had to end

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Why 'What Not to Wear' had to end

Why 'What Not to Wear' had to end
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Why 'What Not to Wear' had to end

by Daily Shot 4:01 mins


Why 'What Not to Wear' had to end

by Daily Shot 4:01 mins


TV host Clinton Kelly stops by the Daily Shot studio to talk with Ali about the end of his long-running fashion makeover series, "What Not to Wear," his new show "The Chew" and the awesomeness of mangoes. On "What Not to Wear" ending after 10 seasons, Kelly says it was high time: "It was rough, it was a lot of the same advice over and over. 'Get yourself a pair of dark-wash jeans.' 'Get yourself a cute jacket.'" As the advice got tired and repetitive, he said, they knew it was "time for us to land this plane." Watch to hear "The Chew" host he most wants to makeover, and see his clever tip for cutting mangoes.

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