Cupcake Secrets from the 'Cake Boss'

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Cupcake Secrets from the 'Cake Boss'

Cupcake Secrets from the 'Cake Boss'
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Cupcake Secrets from the 'Cake Boss'

by Blue Ribbon Hunter 4:35 mins


Cupcake Secrets from the 'Cake Boss'

by Blue Ribbon Hunter 4:35 mins


Cupcakes are fun and easy to make at home, but making the perfect cupcake does require mastering a few skills. That's why we met up with Buddy Valastro, host of Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker, at his Carlo's Bakery cake factory in Jersey City, NJ where he revealed his secrets for making stand-out cupcakes. A couple of his top tips: 1) The secret ingredient for a velvety, moist texture is custard cream in the batter. 2) For a flat top on your cupcake, lower your oven temperature (if it calls for 400-degrees, lower to 375). 3) Add a pinch of salt to the icing to balance out the flavor. Watch for more tips, and to see his tricks for fabulous decorations.

Blue Ribbon Hunter


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