Beyonce and Her New Bob Perform

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Beyonce and Her New Bob Perform

Beyonce and Her New Bob Perform
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Beyonce and Her New Bob Perform

by Wochit 1:04 mins

Beyonce and Her New Bob Perform

by Wochit 1:04 mins

All hail Queen Bey and her new bob. Beyonce took to the stage in England to perform at the 2013 V Festival, and yes, she stepped out with her new hairdo. The 31-year-old made huge headlines when she was spotted with her new hairdo in Miami, Fla. Sean Preston and Jayden James are growing up fast before our very eyes. The boys joined their famous mother, Britney Spears, for a shopping trip in Thousand Oaks, Calif, where the trio hit up a toy store. It's almost impossible to turn on a country radio station and not hear one of Thomas Rhett's songs. While Rhett's 'It Goes Like This' is currently No. 16 on USA TODAY's Country airplay chart, the entertainer also co-wrote a pair of singles charting above his ? Lee Brice's Parking Lot Party (No. 14) and Florida Georgia Line's Round Here (No. 8).

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