Bangladesh factory collapse draws worldwide support

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Bangladesh factory collapse draws worldwide support

Bangladesh factory collapse draws worldwide support
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Bangladesh factory collapse draws worldwide support

by Ani 4:19 mins

Bangladesh factory collapse draws worldwide support

by Ani 4:19 mins

The horrific clothing factory collapse which killed some 550 people in Savar near Dhaka, has shocked the world as it grapples with immediate concerns like bringing the guilty to book, compensation for the families of victims, corporate responsibility and revamping standard operating procedures regarding safety standards. Workers are demanding death penalty for Mohammad Rana, owner of the eight-storey Rana Plaza building in Savar. Labour leader Amirul Haq said that it was a tragic moment for workers in Bangladesh and that the culprits should be given the harshest punishment so that it would serve as a lesson. The disaster has once again brought Bangladesh's garment industry that includes around 4,500 factories, into international focus. In general, the wages here are meagre, working conditions and safety regulations are much below the international norms.

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