Alex Borstein on 'Getting On'

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Alex Borstein on 'Getting On'

Alex Borstein on 'Getting On'
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Alex Borstein on 'Getting On'

by Associated Press Videos 2:31 mins


Alex Borstein on 'Getting On'

by Associated Press Videos 2:31 mins


Actress Alex Borstein, best known for playing the voice of Lois Griffin in 'Family Guy,' talks about her latest role as veteran nurse Dawn Forchette in new HBO dramedy 'Getting On.' (Nov. 20)

Associated Press


  1. 2:08

    Share markets get seven-year itch

  2. 1:34

    Slain putin critic Boris Nemtsov laid to rest

  3. 1:42

    Germany flashes the cash

  4. 2:23

    FX probe hits Barclays profit

  5. 0:38

    Bolivia seizes 27 tonnes of coca leaves disguised as yerba mate tea

  6. 0:44

    Iraqi forces blast Islamic State fighters in Tikrit attack


  1. 0:42

    Villarrica volcan erupts

  2. 2:09

    Villarrica volcano erupts in Chile

  3. 1:20

    Cyclists stage London die-in protest

  4. 0:56

    Disabled protesters block London roads (Edited)

  5. 0:40

    Hail brings traffic to a standstill in LA

  6. 3:49

    Crowds gather to see Prince William in Shanghai


  1. 1:01

    Orphaned Baby Flying Fox Enjoys a Massage

  2. 0:26

    Golf Maestro Sees Red

  3. 0:15

    Mourners Line Moscow Streets for Nemtsov Funeral

  4. 1:02

    Poroshenko Announces Formation of Constitutional Commission

  5. 3:49

    Tony Abbott Announces Australian Troop Deployment to Fight Islamic State in Iraq

  6. 2:05

    Mourners Pay Respects on Day of Nemtsov's Funeral